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Employee Policy Handbook
With our Employee Policy Handbook 2014 create an employee handbook in about
an hour.
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Undercover Employment Testers

If you're getting ready to interview applicants, here's another reason to be sure your hiring practices are in order.



 Ask The Expert
Is it Ok that employees are forbidden to discuss their salaries?
Q: I have a policy that employees are forbidden to discuss their salaries with one another. Is this legal?  ANSWER
Mon July 28, 2014
Extra Pressure Might Help
Extra pressure might help employees who aren’t producing. Sales people who aren't bringing in enough revenue should be put on notice that they need to work harder. If they don't deliver, we suggest lowering their compensation, and if that doesn't work, they become candidates for layoffs. Everyone is a sales person. Poor service can make your company lose customers and that much needed revenue.
More than seven out of ten dealers make major mistakes when buying station insurance. What questions should one ask when reviewing your station insurance? How about taking our quiz and save yourself some money!
Accounts Payable
Catching Costly Errors

A common problem that I see today is the lack of a strong vigilance over the accounts payable system. Errors of $100 to $200 are typical. And on fuel invoices it's thousands of dollars and more.

Controlling employee pilferage can be the difference between success and failure. Indeed, 60 percent of all business failures are a direct result of internal theft, reports The Small Business Administration.

Net profit and cash flow are two different things.

With the continuous increases in our California client's operating expenses, now might be a good time to review the cash flow of your business.
  JLZ Business Services offers the highest quality and integrity in personalized accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, income tax, business payroll, and management services.
As an independent adviser to the automotive repair industry, we believe that repair shops are entitled to charge for the time spent diagnosing vehicle malfunctions and discrepancies and in preparing an estimate to effect necessary repairs.
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  Many employers offer a cafeteria plan to their employees. This type of plan, also called a flexible benefit plan, allows employees to choose between cash or a menu of qualified benefits such as accident and health coverage, group-term life insurance coverage, and/or dependent care benefits.
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