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JLZ offers the highest quality in accounting, consulting, income tax, and payroll service.
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Nine Habits Of Highly Effective Salespeople  
Here are nine habits of the most highly effective salespeople we know. Which ones you can include into your daily activities?
What The IRS Knows About Your Industry
The IRS is sophisticated when it comes to training its auditors about how businesses operate, and in identifying areas of opportunity for increased government revenues.
EMPLOY~2.JPG (7462 bytes) Most Firms Now Use Background Checks     
Most companies now conduct criminal background checks on potential employees, according to a recent survey.
 Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Three Words To Avoid
Three words to avoid when dealing with customers: That’s our policy. Work with your customer service reps and other front line employees to prepare them to use explanations that sound credible to customers. Hiding behind policies turns off customers. Train employees to refrain from saying or implying that the problem was caused by the customer. The responsibility for dealing with a real or perceived mistake is with the company itself.

JLZ Employee Policy Manual
With our Employee Policy Manual 2015
create your handbook in about an hour.
After you've investigated a problem or complaint, if you find that action is necessary, you'll need to deal with the cashier in question.
Shop Gross Profit & Expense Guide
Here's our gross profit and operating expense guide for service bay managers. Use these for a money making rest-of-year!
Banking Myths
Don’t believe everything your banker tells you
Every month I see that our clients bank fees vary in amounts a great deal. Even clients who deal with the same bank pay varying amounts. It really pays to sit down with your banker and discuss their charges. Here are five major myths that keep your banking costs unnecessarily high.
In the State of California, your personnel files are not as private as you might think. Although many employees don't know it, they are entitled to look at their files. If you're not careful, this issue can cause you some severe headaches.
Business Tax Tips Section
As assets wear out and lose value, you can recover your cost as a business expense. The method of deducting the cost of property is called depreciation.
Over the past few weeks several of our clients have called to help them understand the difference between mark-up and margin. Many people confuse “mark-up” and “margin”. Some even think the terms mean the same thing, which is wrong.
FORMS.GIF (1618 bytes)
If you are hiring someone to operate a motor vehicle for your business, make sure you know what kind of driver your prospective new employee is. Good for current employees, too.
With the driving season almost upon us and the high price of gas, now may be the time to re-think your daily banking procedures. Review the following suggestions to see if any changes need to be made to your daily activities.
Keeping a Tight Ship Tight.
Pump calibration tests are not high tech and very simple. Just 1 "give-away" on every 5 gal sale could equal over $8000 per year in lost gross profits!
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