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JLZ offers the highest quality in accounting, consulting, income tax, and payroll service.

Can employers require "standard" work hours from exempt employees?


Where can I get a "reprimand" form for use with my employees?
How do I increase coffee sales to my customers?
 I only have one cashier and there is no way they can go on break... What are the labor laws?
Do you have an accident report for any type of damage that happens?
Do you have a C-Store Manager Job Specification? Where can I get one?


Where I can get a copy of a "cashier job description"?


What is the difference between "revenue" and "income"?
Today At JLZ Services
  "R&R" For You And Your Customers          
If "R&R" appears on an invoice, did you remove and replace, remove and repair, or rebuild and reinstall? If it sounds confusing to you, imagine how confusing it is to your customers.
  Whistleblowers Are Protected By Law          
It is the public policy of the State of California to encourage employees to notify a government or law enforcement agency when they believe their employer is violating a state or federal statute.
    Business Financing Applying For A Loan          
Before going for the money, it’s critical that you analyze your situation. Ideally, here are things you should look at.
Nancy's Notes   Brush Up Your Financial Vocabulary          
Don't be intimidated! Here's the meaning of many key terms. Once you know how to talk about money, you might feel more comfortable tackling your finances.
Reasons Considered Good Cause For Dismissal       
These infractions are extremely serious and due to their severity the employee could be subject to immediate dismissal.
Underground Economy Operations    
Underground Economy is a term referred to as Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud, Cash Pay, Tax Gap, Payments Under-the-Table, and Off-the-Books.
What Is Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery?      
As assets wear out and lose value, you can recover your cost as a business expense. The method of deducting the cost of property is called depreciation.
  Minimizing Those "Out-of-Stocks"                  
Keeping The Customer Happy
Customers have said they have stopped going to a convenience store that was out-of-stock on a favorite item.
Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder             
Some people work 12-hour days while others start working later in the day and stop at 5 p.m. Is one person more productive than the other? Not necessarily.
Here are five ways to improve how productive you are.
Working With Service Station Employees     
Dealing with station employees is always challenging. Based on a good deal of "at the station" experience, are items to consider that will help keep you out of trouble when dealing with your employees.
Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Keeping Your insurance
Years ago the reasons an insurance company might cancel your policy were generally limited to too many claims, driving too many miles per year, and similar obvious risks. That's no longer true. Using computers to correlate data, companies have found that policyholders who have frequent small claims, own property in high risk areas, who have a bad credit history, payment delinquencies, etc. are bad risks. While you may not be canceled and may not even have difficulty in renewing your policy, you could end up paying a higher premium, or having problems getting insurance from another carrier should you decide or be forced to switch. Talk to your agent. He or she should be able to tell you if you're a higher risk.

  JLZ Employee Policy Manual
With our Employee Policy Manual for 2016 create your handbook in about an hour.
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