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 Specializing in Payroll Service    Bookkeeping Service            Accounting Service                  Income Tax Filing for Corporations, Partnerships,                                     Sole Proprietorships,                     and Non Profit Organizations.
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Getting Ready For The Banker
Remember things like a business plan, income projections, market analysis and a personal financial statement? You're going to need them -- and more -- when the time comes to apply for a business loan.
Does Honesty Pay?
My problem: Some of my competitors pay their employees off the books, and thus charge much lower prices. Is there any way I can compete with them and still pay my folks on the books?
Wed October 01, 2014
The Communal Calendar
Each month print out a monthly calendar and keep it where everyone looks - like the fridge – where the whole family can jot down new activities and messages. Keep everyone in touch. Note friends' birthdays and relatives' big days on family calendar too. At the end of the month, enter any new information into your Day-Timer Organizer / Planning Calendar such as birthdays to remember for the following year, or the kids new schedule, client activities, etc.
  A: That depends. To answer to your question, the hours a store manager normally would work depends - on their job description. Listed here is a helpful job description of the duties and responsibilities of a c-store lead or manager.
Here is probably the best classified advertisement that we have found that really attracts qualified candidates to apply at your station.

Many don’t think seriously about cutting costs until they’re in trouble. Then, they take painful action such as laying off workers or selling off entire assets. These desperate scenarios can be avoided by searching for ways to save money and boost cash flow in everyday operations. Here are some examples:

We are often asked what you can and can’t deduct from an employee’s paycheck. Our typical answer is that wages are sacred—deduct nothing unless you are sure that you’re allowed. Here are some things that you should not deduct.

The candy department has one of the fastest turnovers in the Food Shop; therefore, this department is one of the most profitable. Successful merchandising depends on proper placement and competitive pricing.

Employee Policy Handbook
With our Employee Policy Handbook 2014 create an employee handbook in about an hour.

It's probably inevitable. Although you try hard to run your business well, one of your customers calls up, furious about your product or service or the way your employees sound over the phone.
Here find essential elements of a safety policy that is broadly written to cover a variety of workplace environments. It can be edited and customized to meet the needs of your business.
Why charge a diagnostic fee? When a vehicle is overheating, the problem could be any one of a number of things. Listed here are some probable causes of what could cause a vehicle to overheat. Remember, all these things will need to be checked, and that takes time.
  First and foremost, the IRS training manual tells its auditors that they are examining you, not just your tax return.
Know what an IRS auditor looks for when examining your business and its records.
  If you purchase a business with employees (or that previously had employees), you may be held liable for the previous owner’s EDD liability if a Certificate of Release of Buyer (DE 2220) is not obtained.
  Fast And Accurate Payroll Processing
For Small Business

Our payroll service plan will take care of everything - from calculating checks and preparing management reports to preparing payroll tax filings in an accurate and timely manner.
  By setting reasonable limits on Web access, employees stay focused on the job and your business protects its valuable bandwidth. You'll need this three-part strategy.
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