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  Specializing in Payroll Service    Bookkeeping Service            Accounting Service                  Income Tax Filing for Corporations, Partnerships,                                     Sole Proprietorships,                     and Non Profit Organizations.
Employee Policy Handbook
With our Employee Policy Handbook 2014 create an employee handbook in about
an hour.
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10 Low Cost Or Free Ways To Promote Your Business
Marketing your business is always critical to your business success. Here are top 10 ways to promote your business inexpensively.
E-Verify A Smart Business Practice
E-Verify provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers.
Thu August 21, 2014
Cut Low-Paying Activities
Cut low pay-off activities from your schedule. Channel your energy where it will be productive. Focus on the job at hand -- don't let meaningless tasks like reorganizing your desk or files consume your precious time. Review your daily schedule, evaluate it, and cut out unproductive activities. Make an appointment with yourself. Take time to plan projects, assignments, and check progress.

Steps To Debt Freedom

Ten steps for digging out from debt; from consolidation to financial advice.

A drug testing policy is one way you can protect your workplace from the negative effects of alcohol and other drug abuse. A drug testing program can deter people from coming to work unfit for duty and discourage abusers from joining your organization in the first place.
  Fast And Accurate Payroll Processing
For Small Business

Our payroll service plan will take care of everything - from calculating checks and preparing management reports to preparing payroll tax filings in an accurate and timely manner.
If "R&R" appears on an invoice, did you rest and relax? Did you remove and replace, remove and repair, or rebuild and reinstall? If it sounds confusing to you, imagine how confusing it is to your customers.
It really does pay to get organized. The Internal Revenue Service operates under the basic premise of "no substantiation, no deduction." Here's a guide to record-keeping and a simple system to make it all manageable.
There is confusion regarding the taxability of foods that are heated in a microwave by the store clerk or customer. The following information should answer most of those questions.
Q: I have a policy that employees are forbidden to discuss their salaries with one another.
Is this legal?  ANSWER
More than seven out of ten dealers make major mistakes when buying station insurance. What questions should one ask when reviewing your station insurance? How about taking our quiz and save yourself some money!
Accounts Payable
Catching Costly Errors

A common problem that I see today is the lack of a strong vigilance over the accounts payable system. Errors of $100 to $200 are typical. And on fuel invoices it's thousands of dollars and more.

Controlling employee pilferage can be the difference between success and failure. Indeed, 60 percent of all business failures are a direct result of internal theft, reports The Small Business Administration.
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