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  Specializing in Payroll Service    Bookkeeping Service            Accounting Service                  Income Tax Filing for Corporations, Partnerships,                                     Sole Proprietorships,                     and Non Profit Organizations.
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Employee Policy Handbook
With our Employee Policy Handbook 2014 create an employee handbook in about an hour.
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Guide To Creating An Employee Policy Manual
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Avoiding Fraud and Forgery

Falling victim to counterfeiting, check, or credit card fraud can devastate a small business.

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Biggest Threats to Your Privacy Online
Here's how to beat the hackers, snoops and spammers who want to damage your computer and steal your business data.
10 Low Cost Or Free Ways To Promote Your Business
Here are top 10 ways to promote your business inexpensively.
About Incorporation
The pros and cons of putting an 'inc.' behind your company's name.
Thursday April 17, 2014
Test Integrity of Vendors
When looking for vendors, here's a good test to ascertain their integrity. Ask them for data on another client. (To a delivery driver: "What percentage of deliveries does ABC Corp. convert to sales? "To a another supplier: "How many boxes do you produce for XYZ Company"). If they tell you, then they will surely tell information about your Company to others.
  Employer Tip Sheet
Actions for Employers
Making Prevention Work
Here are some things you can do to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

We finish your tax return and you find you don’t have enough cash to pay Uncle Sam. You're not alone, and you won't go to jail. The IRS has some options as well as some more forms for you.
  Pump calibration tests are not high tech and very simple. Just 1 cu. in. "give-away" on every 5 gal sale could equal over $8000 per year in lost gross profits!

Employees who are this uninformed (and uninterested) about the store's merchandise can turn off customers immediately. Here describes the five basic skills and traits that all retail employees need so that your store will shine from the moment customers walk in.

The BOE conducts on-site tobacco product inspections. These inspections have become frequent and are conducted without notice. Invoices must be kept on premises and available for the inspector.
Q: We hire cashiers for work at our business. Last week we had someone with a large scar on her face apply. We're concerned that our customers will be put off by this. Can appearance be a legitimate reason for turning someone down for employment? ANSWER
Our Service Bay Management Section provides valuable on-line information for the auto repair and smog shop owner. Here you'll find 19 job descriptions for your service manager or service advisor.
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