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Payroll Service
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JLZ Business Services offers the highest quality and integrity in personalized accounting, consulting, income tax, and payroll services.
Today At JLZ Services
Legal and Illegal Pre Employment Inquires
Here's a chart that outlines the type of information you can ask for in applications and during job interviews as specified by laws.
Put Personnel Policies First  
Develop a road map for employee behavior and standards at work.
  JLZ Employee Policy Manual
With our Employee Policy Handbook 2014 create an employee handbook in about an hour.
Friday October 31, 2014
Give Customer Retention
Number One Priority
You’re probably aware that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Identify these customers and make the handling of those accounts a top priority. A recent SBA poll showed that 14% of customers quit because grievances were not settled satisfactorily and 68% quit because of discourteous treatment, poor service and/or indifference. Does your business have a written “Customer First Policy”?
  Federal and state laws require most employers to pay overtime. These laws contain many exceptions, so not all employees are entitled to overtime.
Are your employees entitled to overtime pay?
Learn the rules here.
Calculating Employee Hours Worked
Here are the rules as quoted directly form the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Policies and Interpretations Manual under Calculating Employee Hours Worked.
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  JLZ Accounting as Your Information System
From us you receive reports that summarize your financial performance. Find out how affordable and easy bookkeeping service can be.
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Gasoline marketers can take an active role in making their businesses "unattractive" for robberies. Here are some tips to keep your stations safe and secure.

When speaking about finances, the vocabulary can sound overly complicated and intimidating. Some people feel so uncomfortable they avoid talking about it. Once you know how to talk about money, you might feel more comfortable tackling your finances.
Proper inventory control is critical to quality merchandising. Improper controls or no controls at all can result in holes on the shelves, which can affect your sales. After all, a customer can't buy what you don't have.
When you attempt to check references supplied by a potential employee, you may find that many people and institutions will ask for a release before providing information. They are reasonably trying to protect themselves from any potential liability for disclosing information regarding a person who doesn't want the information made known.
Here outlines the operations which are, and are not, included in labor times. You are encouraged to become familiar with these to be sure you have a through understanding of the professional approach to mechanical estimating.
  Scam artists praise these money-saving legal vehicles on hundreds of Web pages. One big hitch: the trusts don't legally exist, so they don't work.
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