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JLZ offers the highest quality in personalized accounting, consulting, income tax, and payroll service.
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Setting Goals For Your Business  
Having a vision for your business will simplify the decision-making processes. Follow these steps to complete 2015 with a winning plan.
How To Deal With A Sales Slump  
Even the most successful enterprise can fall into a sales slump. Here are steps to avoid a sales slump and what to do when the worst does happen.
 Friday March 06, 2015

Stakeout The Competition
To compete successfully you must monitor the activities of your competitors. You can gather intelligence on other companies by asking for price lists and other marketing information. You can phone the competitor and assess their phone greetings. Have a friend order something from the competitor and assess the buying process. Visit their premises to evaluate differences and note details that win or lose prospects. Compare every aspect of your business with your competitor's pricing,  packaging, signs, people, selection, follow-up, quality, delivery, and attitude.
JLZ Employee Policy Manua
With our Employee Policy Manual 2015 create an employee handbook in about an hour.

Income Tax Services
   America's formost small business experts!
"Quality You Can Count On"      
Our office is staffed by highly knowledgeable tax professionals who will discover all possible tax savings opportunities which cover every imaginable tax related personal or business situation.
Our clients tell us their tax return is the most professional they have ever received. We take pride in our work and demand total accuracy in each phase of your return.
For more information about our tax related services
call our
Tax Hot Line toll free at 800-700-9150.        
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From a survey of our auto repair shop clients comes a listing of causes that reduces technician productivity - resulting in low facility output, hence a loss of sales & profits. Check to see if you recognize any of these activities taking place in your shop.
You can only deduct those miscellaneous deductions that exceed a small percent of your Adjusted Gross Income. Start saving those receipts now!

Ready to clean out the closet? Here is a suggested retention plan to comply with year 2015 regulations, and some guidelines to help streamline your company's document filing system.
Here are 27 ways to increase customer
loyalty and improve the prospects of
keeping customers longer.
  Develop personnel policies as a roadmap for
employee behavior and standards at work.
  Time, one of your most valuable assets. As a business person, available time and schedule demands can make or break your day. Here is some handy advice about saving time.
  Now may be the time to re-think your daily banking procedures. Review the following suggestions to see if any changes need to be made to your daily activities.
  Next to bad coffee and bosses who micro-manage, there's nothing worse than poorly run meetings. Here are some tactics that can help you make your meetings work.
Finding out what your rivals are up to is one of the trickiest tasks of running a business. Most businesses gather intelligence on their competitors. Here are a few of the things to look for when visiting a competitor’s store.
Contrary to popular belief, paying an employee a weekly salary does not necessarily make him ineligible for overtime pay. Labor Law says that the duty to pay overtime depends upon the type of work your employees do. MORE
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Here's how to beat the hackers who want to steal your data
or send you another batch of junk e-mail.
With the price of gas going up again it's important to
remember that so do credit card fees. And if the retail price is
not adjusted to compensate, the margin in fact declines.
After over twenty years consulting with my
bookkeeping and tax clients, here’s my
consensus on what it means to lead.


It's simple. Run a basic background record check or risk losing tens of thousands of dollars from the inside heists of a new hire with a devilish past.

How do you deter a robbery from happening in your store? We have come up with a set of robbery awareness/deterrence tips based on policies and procedures our clients use in their stores.
Here are a few of their good ideas.
Are you seeing an increase in problem employees? What types of bad behavior have you seen at your company? How have you managed difficult workers? Do your workers seem to be running the show?
Workplace Security Measures
In an effort to fulfill this commitment to a safe work environment for employees, customers, and visitors, a few simple rules have been created.
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