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JLZ offers the highest quality in accounting, consulting, income tax, and payroll service.
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  10 Low Cost or Free Ways to Promote Your Business  

Marketing your business is always critical to your success. Here are top 10 ways to promote your business inexpensively.

  Your Credit Score

What can make or break a decision to grant you credit is a number you won't find in your credit report–your credit score.

PEOPLE.GIF (18662 bytes)   What Makes A Good Boss

Have you ever considered just what makes a good boss good?

JLZ Employee Policy Manual
With our Employee Policy Manual 2015
create your handbook in about an hour.
Updating Your Employee Handbook
 Saturday, July 04, 2015
Happy Birthday America!
Schedule Your Time
The more we fly by the seat of our pants, the more apt we are to lose control of our time. If we schedule out our time, we can become a bit more objective and bring our lives into balance. For example, you may make it your goal to be home by six o’clock every night. In your schedule book, you write in that you have an appointment at six. You schedule to leave the office at five-thirty. Now when a co-worker comes in with an opportunity, you say, sorry, I have an appointment at six that I can’t break. Let’s get together on it first thing in the morning.
JLZ assists small to mid-sized businesses with all aspects of accounting. By outsourcing accounting services, companies save money and alleviate the need to hire a full-time accounting manager to maintain their books.  
Here are 25 ways to improve the beverage sales in your store this summer. Merchandising tips are included. Follow these guidelines to maximize your gross profits.
A detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of today's responsible, fast-paced, time pressed service manager. Print, hand out to your manager, and add to your employee handbook.
When customers seek gas, they start looking when the fuel gauge reads, and results of surveys on customer buying habits. Here's how often customers wash their car at car washes.
If an inventory is not done, the end result will create an inaccurate profit and loss statement. Using the inventory method to determine gross profits is the most effective method to insure against overpayment of income taxes.
Here are tips on how you can help EDD prevent UI imposter fraud, identity theft, and, at the same time, help control your UI costs.
If you give gifts to clients or charitable organizations, the cost is deductible. If your self employed, it comes straight off your gross income from self-employment.
All states have laws that prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who ask for and/or receive workers' compensation benefits. An employer cannot fire, demote, harass, lay off or otherwise harm such employees. Best advise: Contact your labor law attorney first.
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A written safety policy provides the foundation for every successful safety program and could help you avoid the expense, inconvenience, and other consequences of workplace accidents by making sure that employees know what is expected of them.
The insurance industry calls them "pollution incidents," and they could mean financial devastation for your company. The reason? Your property and general liability insurance policies may not cover damage from gradual leakage or sudden releases of chemicals or gasoline.
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